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    dpg · almost 4 years ago · reply

    @amongmany Just signed up! So this is a curated date night, but I have to find my own date? Aww. Jk. I like the UI, but the way the buttons change colors back and forth from colored->white->colored again is a bit confusing. Also the articles button was broken and reporting that I "stumped you", then it seemed to work again. I enjoyed the popular tips at each location -- that's a nice touch and shows you guys put a lot of work into making sure these nights were enjoyable. I feel like the main navigation should stay with me when I visit the next page. I keep looking for it to go back for some reason. It might just be early in the morning.

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    amongmany · almost 4 years ago · reply

    @dpg The more you use the site, the more curated it becomes. We have to have some way to learn what you like to do. We're working on allowing you to connect social accounts to help us with that curation process, but right now, the more dates you "like" the smarter we get.

    The buttons at the top are filters, and they default to on. So if you turn them all off, you've sorta stumped us. You're right though, we need to work on the UI for that to make it clearer/cleaner.

    I'm not following regarding the navigation... Do you mean the filter bar?

    (Seems the "reply" button on your comment doesn't work...)

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    dpg · over 3 years ago · reply

    @amongmany: The unsubscribe doesn't seem to work in your email. You legally need one click unsubscribe.