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    Template2pdf: API To Produce Nice PDFs Out Of Templates That Everybody Can Modify.
    via seven · almost 4 years ago · 5 comments
    Template2pdf provides PDF generation out of templates that non-technical people can define and modify. It is targeted at developers who do not have an interest in implementing and running such an infrastructure.
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    dpg · almost 4 years ago · reply

    I'm curious about why you chose to price your product the way you have. Was there any research on what people might be willing to pay for this service?

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    seven · almost 4 years ago · reply

    Hi dpg.

    I looked at comparable services. I found many of them do document generation for about 1 cent per job. I try to take a bit less than that, but enough to make it worthwhile for me to properly take care of the customer if they need support.

    Do you consider the prices to be to high? Any other kind of feedback would be appreciated, especially about my way of writing. I am not a native speaker so I guess there is a lot of room for improvement.

    Thanks for your comment, best regards, Sven

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    dcostachris · over 3 years ago · reply

    @seven who would be target audience for a service like this? Can you give us a use case? Why should a user use your service vs build it out on their own,specific to his/her app?